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About the Community:

This community was inspired by a dear friend who was unsure of her writing abilities. She inspired me to start this community so that she and others could be heard and express their thoughts through their wonderful writing with an audience that would appreciate the sentiment.


You must, of course, join before posting your own journalistic talents.

Please refrain from too much vulgarity. If some may be offended by your entry, please post a warning at the beginning of the entry so people will know to avoid it.

If your entry is extremely long, please give a bit of a teaser and do an LJ cut. We don't want to use so much space that one gets annoyed.

Please do not insult any of the other members. Constructive critisism -such as a spell check, suggestion on structure or a difference of opinion- is allowed, to a certain degree. If you go over the limit or are deliberately insulting, you will be banned.

Also, if you steal a members icon, qoutes or entries without permission, you will be banned.

Random Info:

If anyone feels that there is someone pushing the limits of this community in any way, you may email the moderater with your complaints.

Happy Writing!!!