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[Apartments] section one, intro


It was late in the evening on the fourteenth day of August when it happened. The location: Burton House apartment number seventy. The crime: an object's life abruptly taken -- broken -- shattered into millions of pieces. The culprit: an eighteen year old female college student. The charge: murder of the first degree. The plaintive: involuntary object-slaughter. One would think after eighteen years of agonizing house chores a girl would have mastered the art of putting away kitchen utensils. Unfortunately, fate was against her that night, and, to this day, she believes that God designed a set of circumstantial events that led her to the unpleasant incident. Her plaintive was weak, but it caused me to ponder, what is it about our lives that drives us to do the things we do and what incidents from our past affects us in our futures.

meant as a parody of sorts of 1940s settings of detective stories. Hope you enjoy.
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