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The Warmth of Denver

            If one wishes to know about my childhood, one need only to picture this: a warm winter afternoon seen through a chilly Denver window. Perched on an ugly plaid couch is a new dad with a new baby belly atop his palm. He always held her there, in the air, as he looked over his endless research. This straight-backed man comes from a successful family of hardworking men, all doctors; he learned to write medical papers from a book. On his self-built path, each brick was his own triumph. His elbow is bent now, and his palm feels weighted with a precious bundle of all that is right about the world. In this scene we see a vision of right, but the next involves the real path to goodness: a mother.


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News for free


I work as a TV reporter in local news channel in Sevastopol (Ukraine) and I can provide any information agency or newspaper with up-to-date news from the city in English on a freelance basis. My major interest is to practice and improve my English, so I  will work for free in case of your assistance in language (if needed).

I have professional experience of work as a correspondent of The Ukrainian news agency.

Please, use this e-mail to reach me: konvertik@bigmir.net

Sorry, if that's off topic.

Looking for writers around the world :)

Hi thereJ


Hope you’re ok J

I’m looking for a some enthusiastic people out there who want to do some good in the world! Read on if you’re interested J


I don’t know about you, but I constantly find that today’s newspapers and news channels seem to only portray the bad things happening around us, leaving out little bits sunshine. So me together with a friend of mine decided to try and take things into our hands and come up with WINK – which practically stands for World INClusiveness. 

So what is this ? J


- A short, monthly newspaper which does not tackle the mainstream news

- Its articles seek to promote goodwill, tolerance and right human relations

- It strongly tries to put environmental problems and their solutions into the spotlight

- It seeks to motivate people by making them realize that the world is truly a place worth living in and by shedding some light on people and initiatives worldwide that are contributing for a better world.


But obviously this isn’t something we can do alone so we have set out to try and find anyone who is like-minded and just as enthusiatiic.

We are not searching for main-strem types of articles. We want to focus on what is real and inspiring or thought-provoking issues.

If you’ve ever read something from http://www.realitysandwich.com/ then you know what I mean J


Anyone interested just send us an email with your article on project.wink@gmail.com  JJ


We look forward to hear from you soonJ

 Simone xx



Sore Subject

So it may be a sore subject for you, but I am sure that it is for me. This may be the first time I'm confronting it. I know that death is something that happens every day. I know that people get sick, and they just sort of fade away. So what do you think about death? I've had so many experiences with it, that I'm physically and mentally scarred for life for many of them. The first death you experience is the strangest, at a young age especially you don't really understand what's going on. Well, I'm older, and in college, very well educated, and so forth and I still don't get it. Why is it, someone is there one second and gone the next? When I was much younger, in the early 90's, my grandfather on my fathers' side passed away after a long battle with cancer. From that moment, many of my life's interests revolved around cancer, learning about it, and sometimes praying to get it so I would know what it was like, and sympathize with others. I still have these feelings once and awhile, less of course with time. Then there are tragedies, in my case motorcycle accidents, pure shock, fear and endless sorrow, still continuing. I wonder how people either cry or do not cry, or how they just move on, and all of these things remain in the back of my mind. Every grandparent, and great grandparent save for one who has terrible mental disorders and other family members. I am now willing to dedicate my life to learning more, and suddenly i'm not able to write any more. good night to you all, and I hope to hear from you.





I don't know if this post is allowed in the community, if not, let me know or delete it.

I'm a freelance journalist using livejournal as a way to see what is happening in communities/cities/towns in the maritimes or just around the world. I'm on the search for subjects and story ideas. I'm a student at St. Thomas University. If anyone has any story ideas, any issues, problems, a hot tip, or something just doesn't seem right - feel free to contact me via e-mail or through livejournal.

All comments will be left screened to ensure the confidentiality of posters and will not be viewed by anyone other than myself.


Introduction and help

Hey there!
How're you all?
I'm new to this community and just wanted to introduce myself and also ask around for a bit of help about a certain subject.
My name's M and i'm on my last year of my journalism studies, i live in Chili, South America.

I'm writing an essay about ethics and journalism and one of the subjects is the case of the soldier Jessica Lynch and the Washington Post, don't know if any of you remember this, it happened a few years back, when the USA government manipulated the information of the rescue of the soldier Lynch to (re) validate the war, at the end the facts were very different than what they have been made to believe, the truth was exposed by a journalist of the BBC, but what i wanna know if what actions were taken? what happened after the truth was unveiled? i haven't been able to find any info about that...
I don't know much about the code of ethics or if such thing even exists in the USA... What are the ways of control of quality in the media?

Thanks a lot.
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newbie here

hey all! my name is cate and this LJ freaklykdat is where i post my literary works -- new or otherwise. about me: i'm 16 years old from the philippines; i am a college freshman from the university of the philippines-diliman under the college of mass communication major in communication research.

i've been writing for about 7-8yrs now... mostly fanfictions and feature essays. i rarely write poetry and songs. but i sing good :). what else, oh yes, i have another LJ chaos_theory08. visit that k?

now, my work.... [hope i'm welcome!]

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(no subject)

For those of you who major(ed) in Journalism or Communications, do you have a double major/minor/concentration?

It seems most schools require it, if I'm not mistaken.

If you do, what did you double major/minor/concentrate in?

(cross-posted for curiosity's sake)


Hey, I am new to the whole Livejournal thing. I am a 24 year old mum of one.
I am quite creative, I sketch, paint (esp like acrylic at the mo) and write - I am a journalist.
I rant a lot but am a nice person really.
Well taht's it for now.
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(no subject)

i am new. i love journalism.. anything to do with writing or reading actually. i am currently (and have been since about march of my sophomore year) the editor in chief of my schools newspaper. i think that this would be a wonderful place for me ask for ideas/give ideas for approval(meaning is it good or not). ty!