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The picture

I wrote this in my personal journal and thought I'd share it here...sorry if you get this on your page twice as a result.
I'm really into the environment and wrote this a minute ago, so if you'd like to read it and tell me what you think, feel free to do so.

It's strange to see all these different levels of being...plants, animals (including people), microbes, everything, and yet only be able to see the world from one point of view all your life. I want to change my point of view, I want to be completely different for a day or so. But I can't.
Maybe that's our problem. Humans as a whole are too self-centered, too close-minded to see what is really going on around them. They can't leave themselves, and they don't want to know what is really going on. They see what they want to see...what suits them at the time. And that is hardly ever the truth.
They say, well plants and animals don't have feelings, so we can exploit them as much as we want. And they do. They say, the earth is for us and no one else--it is our god-given right to use it as we see fit. And they do. Well, you get the picture, and it's not a pretty one like starry starry's a picture corrupted by greed and blackened by hate. It used to be beautiful, but over the years it has festered into a vision of modern society. The vision of cars and jets blackening the sky, of uniform squares of gray stretching into the distance...of a world that used to be thriving, to be happy, but is now imprisoned by greed. This is the picture I'm talking about.
Yet in this picture there are tiny spots of light, of hope...and if only everyone in the world looked hard enough at this part of the picture, things would be good. We could concentrate on the green poking up through a sidewalk, of the places beyond the hills...where things are beautiful, where things are what they used to be. If we did this, the picture would eventually become beautiful again, and so would we.
We are this picture. It is up to us to clean it up, to take care of it and make sure it never becomes like that again.
It is our job...the lives of ourselves and so many others depend on it.
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