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This Ain't The Ice Age

I thought I would start the community off with an old entry of mine. I was off on a rant, as I often am, and this is what came of it. It is old, but without further ado....

It's very sad, you know it? It sickens me.

I went to this one girls diary, and she was talking about her boyfriend. Well, she's 14. A 15 year old comes on and says it's sad that she's 15, the one girls 14, and the fifteen year old doesn't have, and hasn't ever had, a boyfriend.

No. See, there's where you're all wrong!!

When did it become a law that anyone over the age of 12 must have a boyfriend or be deemed "sad", "gay" or any of the other common labels that are stuck on someone who's not out there jumping every guy that walks past them?!!!!!!

This ain't the Ice Age people!! Get out of it!! We're supposed to be so modern, yet we're doing things like this that date back to the Ice Ages!!! As in, our young girls are married at 12 or 14 and just cranking out kids and cooking the rest of their lives!! Except, half these girls now can't even cook when they're 90!!!!!

This is sick!!

I've never had a boyfriend and don't really plan on it soon, so I guess this makes me a sad, old spinster at all of 17!!!! I mean, come on!!!!!

Womens Lib supposedly did so much for us women, eh? What did it do but put a stamp on us saying that you're either out there having sex and dating any guy you can as young as possible or else be labeled as strange or wrong!? We have all this romance in our lives? Does that mean hopping in to bed with first guy that comes along looking to notch his belt a few more times? Cuz if that's your version of romance, girls, I think I'll keep being strange!!!

This is just a topic of real controversy to me. It's sad, it's sickening, and I don't care how many of you disagree!! This is my diary, say all you want, but just realize that my opinion won't change for you. Also realize that opinions are like assholes, we all have one, and they aren't all alike!!!

I'm now done with my tirade. Feel free to try to change my opinion.

(if its tuesday i must change my alias) ~Jp
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