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newbie here

hey all! my name is cate and this LJ freaklykdat is where i post my literary works -- new or otherwise. about me: i'm 16 years old from the philippines; i am a college freshman from the university of the philippines-diliman under the college of mass communication major in communication research.

i've been writing for about 7-8yrs now... mostly fanfictions and feature essays. i rarely write poetry and songs. but i sing good :). what else, oh yes, i have another LJ chaos_theory08. visit that k?

now, my work.... [hope i'm welcome!]

dec 08, 2004 -- this was for my english class in senior hs

It’s A Guy Thing

Is there such a thing as a perfect husband? Perfect means flawless in all aspects. Come to think of it, where does being perfect fit in if change is constant? What is there to change if you are just what the doctor ordered? So if perfect is out of the picture, is there such a thing as an ideal husband? Ah… yes, there is!

Women have this ridiculous branch of female science our species call “Standards of Women When it Comes to Choosing Men”. It’s like the Holy Grail of people with XX chromosome. The structure of this list or guideline, if you may can trace back to a girl’s preteen years to a woman’s golden days. It can be influenced by her friends or the people around her, the movies and TV shows, even the music business. I’m pretty guilty with two of the three up there. And based on personal experience, I can say I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to this branch of science.

If chemistry has elements such as gold, silver, carbon and oxygen, this unnamed discipline has its counterparts. Gold – blondes; silver – blue-eyed; carbon – dark and handsome; oxygen, which is essential for living – cute. See, I can give you more but to get to the point, what I want to say is that these so-called ‘standards’ are merely superficial. It’s all applicable for the most part in physical attraction. Believe me, teens these days look for eye candy… what is pleasing to the eyes is all that matters.

Shall I tell? Ok then, my physical standards for now: he must not be blonde, his eyes must be somewhat almond and he must be taller than I am. And oh, he must know how to swoon me with a guitar. Of course, in the future, I’m not sure if that’s still the case or if that is the guy I would find. Time can change things, you know.

But I’m the kind of girl who considers the innate characteristics of guys. That is how I am brought up… looking upon the beauty of the inside. For me, I would like a guy who is smart, can carry a good conversation and understands my occasional prissiness. I like him to be caring and loving, and patient most of all. Because, I am.

Just like my father… well, late father actually. He’s the most intelligent, kindest, most loving and caring man that I know. He knows so many things… about music, math, movies, marketing… you name it! He’s self-taught in guitar and piano and oh my, what a voice he had! He’s a sheer genius in poetry and all fields of mathematics. That’s the only thing that I didn’t inherit from him.

My Mom’s a lucky gal. She always told me stories about how my Dad courted her in their junior years in UST. She told me how perseverant he was and he’s of the ‘torpe’ classification but extremely cute! He has a good sense of humor and he appreciates art as I do. Hey, whom will I get that from if not from him? He’s very hardworking; he wanted all the best for us. He took everything, criticism and encouragement alike with gentlemanly grace. He never fought back; he knows how to keep his distance and honors everybody’s privacy.

Yes, he wasn’t that religious but his kindness shows otherwise. Every other night on his way home, he gives a little something to the security guards of our subdivision. Every Christmas, he gives them Panasonic give-away stuff as gifts. Having worked in that said company as manager, he was great to his co-workers. He was a strong-spirited man who believes on fairness and fears God.

I know that it’s hard to find someone like him but that’s just me. As I’ve said earlier, it can change tomorrow, next year. For now, that’s my ideal husband. A God-fearing, hardworking, intelligent and caring man who respects my privacy and loves me for who and what I am. He may not be the man some girls think of as handsome or cute or hot but what’s important to me is the heart… his heart is the proof of who he really is. I want a guy who has a big heart… a loving heart. Like my dad.

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