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Smoke in the Light

I am posting a warning now. This entry is about the war and my views on it. Some of you may not agree, so if you're absolutely AGAINST it and everything it represents, I suggest you by pass this entry. Just a suggestion. A little debate never did any harm, I just don't want people getting pissed off because there's no warning.

So, now that that's covered, .

I'm sitting here listening to the news about the war. I've spent months hearing about how this is all a big mistake and how it's so wrong and unjust. How Bush made the wrong decision and needs to be outed.

Here's my opinion.

I'm as against senseless brutality as the next person, but in this case, I feel the U S of A is justified.

Sadaam has had it coming for years. He should have been assasinated when the FIRST Bush was in control. And trust me, I don't throw stuff like that around lightly.

I feel bad that innocent people are being hurt, I feel bad that a number of soldiers have died, but it's war! These things happen. And in most of the innocents cases, it was their own countrymen and woman who killed 'em off. Chances are high that it would have happened whether we stepped into the country or not.

I feel bad soldiers have been lost. But I also feel grateful and mystified that there have been so few! I mean, it's war and we've lost a small amount in this situation. It doesn't make it justified, or easier, but it does make you think.

I don't think this war is wrong. We're battling the people that changed our country for God's sake! Bin Laden, Houssan, all these terrorist arseholes who have or could possibly in the future bomb us. We're trying to protect our country from terrorism, and all these other things that could change our entire lives.

Everyone has a right to their own opinion, and I respect that, but I get sick of these people who see everyomne who disagrees as killers and such just because they think this was right.

We're fighting for our freedom, we're fighting for our country and we're fighting to save just a little bit of sanity in this outt of control mess we call a world.

Do you want to live every day for the rest of your life wondering when the next 9-11 will occur? Wondering if it will be your town, your state, your life that feels the weight? I don't.

Bush may have gone in and done what his dad never could just for that simple reason, and you may not agree with him, but regardless what the ulterior motive may be, he went in for his country, the country he is now president of and resposible for, and I agree with him.

Like ten2nine says There's got to be a way to settle the confusion.

This may just be it.

(if its tuesday i must change my alias) ~Jp
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